Terry Beck

YES,I'm still playing Music 

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America                          Eric Clapton               C.C.R

Horse with no name  Wonderful Tonight   Looking out my back door

Lonely people             Layla                        Bad Moon Risin

Sister Goldenhair        Lay down Sally      Lodi

Ventua Highway         Promises                 Willie and the Poor boys

Jimmy Buffet      RocknRoll Heart   Heard it through the Grapevine

Marguarittaville          Cocaine                       Up around the bend 

Valcano                     After Midnight             Centerfield

Fins                             John Cougar             Moody Blues

One Particular Harbor    Small town               Nights in White satan

Changes in latitudes        Neil Diamond        Story in your eyes

Cheeseburger                Sweet caroline        In your Wildest dreams

Come Monday                Brother Love              Jonathan Edwards

Son of a Sailor                Forever in BlueJeans    Shanty

A Pirate looks at 40         Cracklin Rosie             Sunshine go away

Barometer soup               Solitary man                 Dave Mason

Livingston Saturday          Holly Holy                   We Just Disagree

Fillingstation holdup          Cherry Cherry              Bring it on Home

Pencil thin Mustache         Kentucky woman          Every woman

Grape fruit                        Thank the Lord-           James Taylor

Miss you so badly             Dan Fogleberg            Handy man

Boat drinks                       Part of the Plan             In my mind-carolina

Banana Republic               Mornin Sky                  Sweet baby James

Migration                          Leader of the Band       Up on the Roof

Jim Groce                       As the raven Flies         Fire & rain

Leroy Brown                      Cat Stevens                 You've got a friend 

Don't Mess with Jim            Father & son                  Van Morrison

Lovers Cross                       Moonshadow                 Moondance

I've got a name                     Wild World                    Brown eyed Girl

Time in a Bottle              Where do children play         Don McClean

Operator                              Peace train                      Vincent

Car Wash Blues              Hard Headed woman          American Pie

Crosby,Stills,Nash        Miles from Knowwhere      Joe Cocker

Teach                            Longer Boats              U can keep your hat on

For what it's worth          Morning has Broken             The Letter

Love the one your with      Sad Lisa                           Harry Chapin

Southern cross                                                            Taxi

                                                                                Cats in the Cradle

                                                                                 Better place to be